ICTUR's world map on trade union rights gives a unique insight into levels of respect for workers' rights to organise on a global basis.

You can access the full version online here in .pdf format, which is free to download.

The map is also available as a full size A1 wall poster.

The poster looks great on an office wall and provides key facts and figures for legal, research and campaign teams. Primarily, the map is designed for trade union education. Previous editions have been a much in-demand resource for global trade union teaching around the world.

Taking respect for human rights law as a starting point the map shows ratification of the fundamental international legal treaties that protect trade union rights. It also flags up the most serious violations of trade unionists rights, including murders and arrests.

For a more complete picture the map also examines regional profiles with a few words about the context within which unions have evolved in each region over many years, and the kinds of problems that exist today.

ICTUR's map is now in its 5th edition, for 2017.

Click here to access or download the full version as a .pdf.

To get a full-size A1 wall poster of ICTUR's map click on the PayPal link below, or contact ICTUR directly to arrange your order. Discounts for bulk orders.

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