The ICTUR Trial Observers Network

The Network sends legal observers to monitor trials and in some cases civil hearings where there are concerns that the legal process is interfering with or repressing the exercise of trade union rights or the human rights of trade unionists.

The Network also allows us to keep in contact with lawyers around the world and to call on appropriately skilled individuals as needed to help the international labour movement, usually on a pro bono basis.

Are you a lawyer who would you be willing to observe a trial?

Join the programme.

The presence of trial observers is intended specifically to promote respect for the rule of law, the right to a fair hearing, equality of arms, and compliance with the law. Legal observers attend cases where ICTUR has cause to believe that trade unionists may not otherwise receive a fair hearing, and may therefore be denied access to justice.

Do you need a trial observer to attend a hearing?

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Our capacity to send observers to criminal or civil hearings depends on our financial capacity, which is limited.

We urgently need support from trade unions and human rights organisations interested in continuing and expanding the trial observers programme.



Trial observation reports

KESK and DISK leaders on trial, 6 February 2015, acquitted 24 March 2015 (legal report)

Andy Hall trial, Thailand, September / October 2014 (legal report), with thanks to the ITF for their contribution to the costs of the observation.

Update on Andy Hall legal cases, 2017 (journal article)

Update on Andy Hall legal cases, 2018 (IUR news page)

KESK trial, Ankara, January 2014 (legal report)

KESK trial, Istanbul, January 2014 (legal report)

KESK trial, Izmir, November 2011 (legal report), produced with thanks to the Lipman-Miliband Trust for travel expenses.

KESK trial / Sinter case updates, October 2010 (journal article)

Sinter-Metall hearing, August 2010 (legal report)

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