ICTUR's Executive Committee

John Hendy Kurshid Ahmed Jan Buelens Ericson Crivelli
Anita Chan Keith Ewing Fathi El Fadl Esther Lynch
Lornts Nagelhus Yoshikazu Odagawa Jeffrey Sack Surya Tjandra Ozlem Yildirim

John Hendy QC, lawyer, UK

John Hendy QC is a leading employment law barrister, operating from Old Square Chambers London, and H P Higgins Chambers in Sydney Australia. John is also President of the Insitute for Employment Rights and standing counsel to the British unions UNITE, ASLEF,CWU, NUJ, NUM, POA, RMT and UCU.

Kurshid Ahmed, General Secretary, All Pakistan Workers Confederation
Kurshid Ahmed leads the main umbrella organisation for Pakistan's labour movement. He was for many years the Pakistan Worker representative to the annual ILO conference, and is a law graduate of the University of the Punjab.

Dr. Jan Buelens, Advocaat, Progress Lawyers Network, Belgium
Jan Buelens is a lawyer with the Progress Lawyers Network and a visiting Professor in Labour Law with both the University of Antwerp and with HUB university, Brussels.

Dr. Ericson Crivelli, Advogado, Crivelli Advogados Associados, Brazil
Ericson Crivelli is a lawyer with the union-side law firm Crivelli Advogados Associados in Brazil, specialising in public law and collective labour relations.

Dr. Anita Chan, academic, Australia
Anita Chan is Research Professor at the China Research Centre, University of Technology, Sydney. She has published widely on trade union issues and working conditions in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Professor Keith Ewing, lawyer, UK
Keith Ewing is Professor of Public Law at King's College London. He has written extensively on labour law including recognition procedures and international standards.

Fathi El-Fadl, Director, Trade Union Rights Centre, Sudan
Former Executive Secretary of ICTUR and a long-standing independent activist for labour rights in Sudan.

Avalon Kent, Policy Analyst/Legal Officer, Council of Trade Unions, New Zealand
Avalon specialises in employment & industrial law, anti-discrimination and feminist legal analysis. She has worked in Australian trade unions, private legal practice (on union cases), community law centres representing precarious and vulnerable employees and now for the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions as a Policy Analyst/Legal Officer.

Esther Lynch, Confederal Secretary, ETUC
Esther Lynch is involved with European regional and international work in both the ILO and EU, and has participated in the negotiations of national level agreements in Ireland. She is also Senior Adjunct Lecturer with the Department of Law at the National University of Ireland Maynouth.

Lornts Nagelhus, Advokat, LO Norway
Lornts Nagelhus is a lawyer with the Norwegian trade union centre. He previously worked in private practice and with the NITO union.

Yoshikazu Odagawa, President, Zenroren, Japan
Yoshikazu Odagawa is President of the trade union centre Zenroren in Japan

Jeffrey Sack QC, lawyer, Canada
Jeffrey Sack QC is senior counsel with Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell LLP, practising in the area of labour law and civil litigation, acting for unions and professional associations. He is the founding President of the Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers and Co-chair of its International Affairs Committee.

Jitendra Sharma , Senior Advocate, Supreme Court, India
Jitendra Sharma has acted for unions in some of India's most high profile labour law cases. He has previously held leadership positions as President, General Secretary, and Vice President of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, the Indian Association of Lawyers, and the Supreme Court Bar Association.

Surya Tjandra
Surya Tjandra is a labour lawyer and legal activist. He is the founding Director of the Trade Union Rights Centre and has a long-standing interest in international and comparative labour law.

Ozlem Yildirim, Policy Officer, International Department, CGT, France
Ozlem Yildirim is a lawyer responsible for legal issues and international migrations at the CGT. She is also a member of the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee).

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